Our Services

We believe that sustained success begins with a rigorous understanding of an organisation’s internal and external environments, coupled with the tools and experience to chart a clear way forward.

We offer clients a research-led approach to the development of strategy that brings an objective evidence-base to support decision-making and planning – replacing “gut feel” with insight from data.  This approach enables clients to reliably identify, understand and take advantage of new opportunities and changing circumstances.


  • Market Research – we provide a full suite of market research and analysis services to enable organisations to understand the structure, size, demands, perceptions, challenges and opportunities of their markets. This analysis informs strategic recommendations for sustained success and growth.
  • Organisational Research – internal consultation and business review to understand organisational culture, climate, engagement, communication, business practices and processes, and how they impact on performance. From this, we provide recommendations for aligning the internal environment with that needed for growth and performance improvement.
  • Social Research – we offer a range of qualitative and quantitative research approaches to support clients with the exploration of social questions.

Simon Welsh (Director, Chorus Consulting) is a Member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society.


  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Communication and stakeholder management strategy
  • Organisational change strategy